The Circle of Wisdom is the ruling council of the Order of the Grand Library of the Children of the Dawn. It is made up of the Wisest, the High Keeper, the High Collector, the High Searcher, and the High Warden.

Joining the Circle

All of the positions on the Circle are filled by the Wisest. The position of the Wisest is filled by a joint selection by the other members of the Circle.


The Wisest is the leader of the Order of the Grand Library, and he or she ensures the rulings of the Circle are carried out. He or she also nominates the Gatherers to be considered by the Circle to sit in the Hall of Stewards for the Sect. The current Wisest is Genas Moralla.

High Keeper

The High Keeper is responsible for the maintenance of the records of the Children. He or she ensures that all knowledge brought to the Citadel Library is recorded and stored properly.

High Collector

The High Collector is responsible for the searching out of new knowledge from afar and ensuring that it is brought back to the Citadel. The Children under missions from the High Collector rarely do detailed studies of what they search unless the objects of their searches cannot be brought back to the Citadel.

High Searcher

The High Searcher is responsible for overseeing all research of Gatherers taking place at the Citadel.

High Warden

The High Warden is responsible for overseeing all of the teaching activities of the Order.

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