Mnakaro is a nation on the continent of Alkera.



Mnakaro is located on a large plain. It is bordered to the South by Sam's Wood.

Political Divisions

The Empire (Mnar. dvumnaglain) is divided into kingdoms (Mnar. dvuglain) each ruled by a king. Each kingdom is further divided into duchies (Mnar. dvumnanel) and then further into baronies (Mnar. dvunel).

Government and Politics

Mnakaro is ruled by Emperor Pe'os I Salsum.

Foreign Affairs


The economy of Mnakaro is primarily agricultural. However, there is also significant production and trade activity. The largest agricultural products are wheat and barley. There is a large wool industry and wool is one of the major exports of Mnakaro.

Most of Mnakaro's trading partners are the countries found further South, with some limited trade with the Kweran elves. The largest imports are ores and precious metals including iron, tin, and gold.




The Kelmnakaro practice an ethnic-based slavery in which several ethnic groups can be taken as slaves legally. Slavery of any sentient being not a part of these ethnic groups is punishable by death. One group which may legally be enslaved are the Talat who are native to Sam's Wood. The Talat are prized by the Kelmnakaro for their physical attractiveness and are not used for hard labor but more as a status symbol. The labor that they do perform is mostly as domestic servants and not uncommonly as bed slaves. The practice is legal throughout the country; however, it is much more widely practiced in the central and western parts of the country. Furthermore, there is a ban on selling slaves to those who do not live in Mnakaro.

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