Nezugoism is the dominant religion among the Razyngo. It is a monotheistic religion which venerates the Holy One who has three aspects - Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. Nezugoists believe that the Holy One has sent (and continues to send, according to many) nezugo, or messengers, to do His will. Disagreements about who qualifies as a nezu and other topics have divided the religion into many groups. It's main branches are the Orthodox Communion and the United Communion.

Every Nezugoist Church is characterized by an acceptance of the two major nezugo - the First Prophet and the Great Prophet.


Nezugoism is broken into many branches, called churches which are differentiated by their own set of beliefs. Communions are groups of churches who broadly agree on all principles of faith, including which nezugo are venerated and the contents of the Book of the Holy One.

The Universal Communion is an informal grouping of the two major denominations - the Orthodox Communion and the United Communion.

Number of Adherents

About 90% of the Razyn population adheres to Nezugoism. About 40% of the population belongs to a Church in the Orthodox Communion. About 30% of the population belongs to a Church in the United Communion. About 20% of the population belongs to another Nezugoist Church. This breakdown is commonly referred to as the 40-30-20-10 effect.


Following the rise of the Great Nezu, the main Nezugoist Church was called the Church of the Promise, named after the promise of a better world promised by the Great Nezu. This Church maintained its status as the main Church with few rivals until the rise of the Twins. The Twins were brothers who rose up as opposing preachers, each claiming to to be a Nezu. One brother emphasized the Grace of the Holy One and preached an austere life characterized by adherence to tradition, gender roles, and anti-materialism. He began the Church of Grace in the eastern part of the continent. The other brother emphasized the Glory of the Holy One and preached a life of enjoying the Holy One's Creation. While not completely ignoring tradition and gender roles, his preaching instead emphasized emotional attachment and physical enjoyment of creation in order to glorify the Holy One. He began the the Church of Glory in the western part of the continent.

The Church of Grace and the Church of Glory became the largest Churches in the Orthodox Communion and the United Communion respectively. There are other smaller churches both within and outside of these two communions.

The Twins arose during the latter part of the

Orthodox Communion

The Orthodox Communion is

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