The Talat are a human ethnic group native to Sam's Wood in southern Alkera. They organize themselves into matriarchal tribal structures. They inhabit many villages throughout the forest, with the women and children remaining in the villages and the men moving between them. In the present time, the Talat are under threat by the people of Mnakaro who regularly capture Talat for sale into slavery. The Talat therefore consider themselves at war with the Empire of Mnakaro but the Kelmnakaro don't see it as such.

Family Structures

Talat families are headed up by women and consist of mothers and her children. The Talat do not practice marriage but freely move from partner to partner. However, long term monogamous or semi-monogamous relationships are not uncommon. The Talat view any other with the same mother to be a full sibling and fatherhood is generally practiced collectively by the men of the village as opposed to by any partner of a mother. Women are expected to bear children if able, but many types of sexual and romantic relationships are commonly practiced among the Talat.

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